It would be a great to have an option for "Stop site gracefully" akin to apachectl. When I need to have 2 sites running to compare code for debugging, the second site often gets stuck on Provisioning. Interestingly, I decided to write this feature request post this morning because I had two sites running fine last night while debugging. But, this morning when I opened my MacBook, the second one was Provisioning... - endlessly. Perplexing why it was provisioning after it was running fine for several hours. Yes, my MB did go to sleep overnight, but that shouldn't cause this. The only way to stop that is to stop the first site and then quit Local. But, it's always a wincer when quitting while a site is provisioning or otherwise active in some way, with fingers crossed nothing gets corrupted. A graceful-stop or force-stop would be much welcome.
Local 5.5.3 / Safari 13.1.1 / OS X 10.14.6 / MB Pro, 16 GB