Was testing a pull from WPE to Local on site owl345. Local showed that the files were still being extracted and pulled. Let this run for several hours before I killed the process by deleting the site from Local.

I then ran the pull again but tailed the log to see the status and within a few minutes of the pull starting I see this error.


"thread": "main",

"class": "",

"level": "info",

"message": "\u001b[1;31m\rError: \u001b[0munknown error encountered downloading database: Unable to pull database: exit status 1\n",

"timestamp": "2020-06-01T13:51:55.905Z"


Problem is there is no indication of an error occurring and it seems as though the pull is still running when it isn't.

So far I have only encountered this on one site and it could be another issue related to the ssh connection on their site.