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Can't push to WP Engine when table prefix is different
To replicate: 1. Connect to your WPE account and pull a site down 2. Change the Local site's table prefix. I did this by: - Export the Local database - Ran a search/replace for the table prefix on the dumped file - Drop Local site's "local" database, and created a new one, import the revised sql dump - Update the Local site's wp-config.php file to use the new prefix 3. Push the site to WPE If you are tailing the local-lightning.log -- you should see messages like: ``` {"thread":"main","class":"","level":"info","message":"Pushing database to the remote server\n","timestamp":"2020-06-02T22:45:44.061Z"} {"thread":"main","class":"","level":"info","message":"Success: Exported to 'sites/demowpe/_wpeprivate/push-1591137944061.sql'.\n","timestamp":"2020-06-02T22:45:51.734Z"} {"thread":"main","class":"","level":"info","message":"Deleting remote database\n","timestamp":"2020-06-02T22:45:51.740Z"} {"thread":"main","class":"","level":"info","message":"Success: Database reset.\n","timestamp":"2020-06-02T22:46:01.661Z"} {"thread":"main","class":"","level":"info","message":"Dumping local database and uploading to target\n","timestamp":"2020-06-02T22:46:01.997Z"} {"thread":"main","class":"","level":"info","message":"Replacing //demo-site.local with // in database.\n","timestamp":"2020-06-02T22:46:24.403Z"} {"thread":"main","class":"","message":"Error: The site you have requested is not installed.\nYour table prefix is 'wp_'. Found installation with table prefix: wp_xyz_.\nOr, run wp core install to create database tables.\n","level":"warn","timestamp":"2020-06-02T22:46:35.045Z"} ``` And the remote server will be broken, showing the WordPress page for setting up a new site. I haven't come across this often since the table prefix will be the same if it was pulled down initially from WPE. Where I do see issues is when a site is created or imported into Local and _that_ site has a different table prefix, and then trying to push this new site up to overwrite the remote WPE site.
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